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25/09/2011 16:01

耶和华所赐的福使人富足,并不加上忧虑。(箴言 10:22)
The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it. (Proverbs 10:22)

I born in a small family, where I experienced broken relationship and suffered from debt, which had shaped me until today. At year 1998, my father left his job and started his business by export fruits to Singapore. My father's intention to accompany family as he had absented most the time before year 1998. This business was growth very fast and stable for two years make my father bought a two storey shoplot. However, the insufficient of cash flow into the turn over in business make it turning down and finally shut down the business by year 2001. Losing money in gambling also another factor of business failure.

My father start another business in late year 2002 by selling chicken rice in a stall. This business growth steadily and my father develop it to a bigger business by move to a self-rented shop lot in the next year. The business running good but affected by old and new debt. Finally, it shut down again by year 2006.

Start from that, I am sure the situation of "lacking money" is the source of broken family. At that time, I hope I can work harder and longer time to get more money, which I assume this may help my family needs. In April 2006, my mind on money has changed due to a book titled <Rich Dad, Poor Dad>, which the author shared a good theory about what the money is.

25/09/2011 16:01


Marvyn Choong 锺俊洁 said...

我比你幸运一点因为早你 5 年接触理财的书。
有句话说得好,"Born Rich is Fate, Die Poor is Sin!"

SingBlueSilver said...

你好,希望大家能在追求财务自由的路上一起加油吧。 谢谢你放我的blog的连接,我也把你的blog的连接放进我的blog了。

明仔(Anson) said...