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首次与Tan81 交流:富爸爸的理念 [白天去上学,夜晚建管道 by 夜孩子]

作者: Tan81
发表于 3/5/2010 01:34

既然你对 Robert Kiyosaki 的股票投资有兴趣,和你分享他去年九月的旧文章。

2. I invest for cash flow, not capital gains. Most people invest for capital gains. These are the people who have lost a lot of money or are afraid of losing more money. When a person says, "My house has appreciated in value" or "The stock market is going up," they are investing for capital gains. Investing for capital gains is like building a house of straw or sticks.

In 1973 I took a real estate course to learn how to invest for cash flow. Even though the real estate market crashed in 2007, my rental properties continue to produce cash flow. Even though banks are not lending money to many homeowners, the government continues to loan millions, via the FHA, to investors who provide housing. This means we receive tax breaks and use debt -- other people's money -- to increase income.

The good news is, when prices crash, cash flow investments become more affordable. For example, stocks such as Johnson & Johnson, a company that pays a steady dividend (cash flow), become more affordable. If you want to start your real estate career, now is the time to invest for cash flow.

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